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BTblock Featured in Caldwell Partners Whitepaper: Blocking & Tackling

As business leaders continue to grapple with the Technology Evolution and Revolution that has accelerated through mobile technology and the internet, yet another capability has come front and center: Blockchain Technology. This whitepaper, authored by Partners at Caldwell Partners, Jay Millen & Matt Comyns, highlights BTblock's Design Sprint Hybrid Model™.

With technology adoption occurring in cycles, BTblock expects wide-scale DLT deployment to be a decade-long process, one where we are now most likely in the second year. As was the case in the internet's early development, we view private/permissioned enterprise blockchains (i.e. "intranet" analogues) as the locus where the critical experimentation that drives emerging best practices will take place. To this end, the BTblock Design Sprint Hybrid Model™ is perfect to assist enterprises in surmounting the challenges faced in blockchain assessment and implementation, something this paper captures well.

Download the paper for a look at how blockchain can be a game-changer in the global economy.