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Blockchain - Brilliant or Bandwagon?

The BTblock team attended the 16th annual MIT Sloan CFO Summit this year in Boston, MA where BTblock Co-Founder, David Garrity, was invited to participate on one of the panels focused on blockchain technology. The panel participants included:

Silvio Micali (moderator) - Professor, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

Julia Abramovich - Vice President of Sales, IBM

David Garrity - Co-Founder and Partner, BTblock and Independent Director, BTCS

Naeem Ishaq - Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer & Executive Vice President, Risk, Circle

Steven Pipp - Research Manager, Silicon Valley Bank

Each participant on the panel brought with them personal experience and a unique perspective on the rapidly evolving world of Blockchain technology. Topics included: roadblocks facing blockchain adoption, current regulatory concerns, great use cases, and how to stay current in this fast-moving space.

Watch the recap featuring David Garrity's responses to the panel questions:

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