BTblock Health Group

Our team can advise and help deliver your digital health transformation needs through socio-technical systems specifically designed to meet a dynamic business climate.

About Us

Healthcare transformation hinges upon modern infrastructures, preserving patient autonomy and dignity, and better enabling both medical care and research. Incorporating these values into clinical and research settings is a priority for healthcare professionals, and a necessity for healthcare facilities and labs.

Digital Health Solutions

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Revenue Cycle Management

Speed time to payment with transparency using blockchain enabled revenue cycle management enhancements to your current systems

Digital Health Data Storage
Supply Chain Healthcare and Life Sciences

Assuring equitable distribution of vaccines from global distribution to individual persons using blockchain enabled technology.  Enhance your supply chain visibility with blockchain enabled connections to your systems. 

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Health data ownership

BTblock health group is supporting Encrypgen - a way for consumers to contribute their genetic data for the advancement of science.

Clinical research data solutions
Clinical and research data solutions

Refresh your digital health optimization strategy from consumer engagement to operations.

With decades of medical, bioethics, legal, and implementation experience, the BTblock Health team includes veterans of digital transformation from world class organizations.

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